What’s the one thing you can change to sky rocket your profit?

Last month I went on a Marketing and Mindset Retreat run by the brilliant Dawn McGruer.

I met some amazing entrepreneurs, who like me – were running successful and profitable businesses but were ready to move up to the next level – whatever that is.

I spent an amazing 5 days working ON my business not IN my business. Most of us know how important that is for personal and business growth, but so few of us really take time out to do it!

If you have not yet been on a business retreat – then I can thoroughly recommend it. Go once, and I am certain you’ll be hooked!! And best of it – it’s a tax-deductible business expense!

Some of us wanted more reach, some wanted more customers, some wanted more structure so they could work fewer hours.

Everyone wanted more sales of their particular thing – most wanted to have more impact and to be recognised as the best in their field….

Ultimately – we all had big, hairy audacious goals and it quickly occurred to me that the key to making each of them happen – was profit.

More reach = more sales = more profit.

More customers = more sales = more profit.

Less hours means systemising, delegating or outsourcing – which might generate more profit but also has to be paid for by more profit!

Reaching more people, making more sales and even investing our time into free masterclasses, lead magnets, guest appearances on podcasts and speaking engagements – needs profit or time to fund it.

One member of the group was looking to leave her 9-5 but had understandable fears of not being able to match her current very lucrative corporate salary – with a self-employed income.

We’ve all been there right – that’s one of the first challenges we face as entrepreneurs.

Again, not making enough money – or profit – was the biggest barrier to her taking the leap into entrepreneurship.

After the group learning sessions on day one, each of us was invited into the hot seat where we pitched, critiqued, challenged and brainstormed each other’s business development ideas.

I reasoned that we all ultimately wanted to make more profit.

But what was the bottleneck?

What was the ONE thing that stopped us from sky rocketing our profit?

It became clear that most of us were just too busy in the day to day of running our businesses that our own business development was not top of our list.

We were distracted.

We were all getting great results for our clients.

At the expense of our own business.

We all knew what needed to be done.

We just didn’t do it.

What we lacked was ACCOUNTABILITY.

And so, I pitched my idea.

An accountability program for YOUR profit goals.

The group were very excited…

3 said they would join as soon as it launched.

4 said they wanted to be affiliates as soon as it launched.

Everyone agreed that ACCOUNTABILITY to their own goals was what they lacked.

So we are building something exciting…

Join the waitlist and sky rocket your profit!

Be the first to find out about our new programme.

The first to receive the early bird offer.

And the first to get the amazing bonuses that will be offer:



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